Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do we START the project? Once you have decided to use one of our seven DSA structures, you can contact Park Planet for a proposal This can be done by email by clicking the above link.

  • Do we need an Architect?  Although our plans are Pre-Approved by DSA, a site plan with other information must be submitted to DSA for a final approval.  If you would like more information on the requirements or would like more information, please feel free to email us or Larry LaPray Architect.

  • Can we include the Architect and his fees to our Proposal?  Yes, we can have LaPray Architects take care of the requirements to have your structure site approved.  This cost can be added to the total cost of the structure.

  • How long will it take to have your structure installed?  We need approximately 4-6 weeks to order materials and fabricate your structure.  The installation generally is only 1 day to set posts and 1-3 days to frame and roof, depending on the size of the structure.  The entire installation can be done in one week!

  • How do I get basic Shop Drawings of a structure for post placements, roof line info, etc.?  Just call or email us.  Make sure to include the model and size of the structure. 
          (eg. Single Post Walkway - 12x 41)

  • When will you order our materials?  As soon as we have a Purchase Order (PO) or a simple contract, we will begin the process of ordering and fabricating your structure.

  • Do you have colors to match our school?  We have several metal suppliers with dozens of colors to help match you colors with our structures. (See Basic Color Chart)

  • Can we add gutter and downspouts to our structures?  As an add on option, we can install Rain Gutter with Downspouts.  Our downspouts are covered with 20 ga. steel guards to help protect them from  accidents and vandalism.

  • Do you offer any other options? Yes!  We offer powder coating of the posts on all structures. We also can powder coat the Truss Plates and outside beams on the Gable Lunch Shelters.  

  • Do you have any current discounts that can help us pay for our structure?  We offer a 5% discount to PTA, Parent Groups and other qualifying Non Profit Organizations.  The discount can be applied for by a simple email.  Each request is taken on an individual basis.  Request a Discount

  • How do we get a proposal for a structure?  Call or email NSP3. They can usually have a proposal sent to you in 1- 2 business days.  Request a Proposal

  • Can we have someone come to our school and help us decide which structure might work best?  Yes, please call or email us.  We will have one of our Sales People contact you and make an appointment.  

  • How do I get a brochure or more information sent to me?  You can go to Request More Info and fill out our on-line form.  Check the box for Request Brochure.  We will send you our latest brochure with color pictures and other interesting information. 

  • If we have any other questions, what is the best way to get a quick answer? You can call us Toll Free at (877) 473-7619 or email us anytime!  

  • Can we buy the materials and have someone else install our structure?  Yes, because we are the manufacturer, we can sell the materials to you directly.  You will also receive all documentation including the DSA Approved Plans.  

For more information or a proposal, please email:
We currently have seven different Steel Structures approved by the Division of the State Architecture (DSA)
(Lunch Shelters with Hip End now available)
Valley School Shelters 
& Walkways      
CA lic# 981366